Our fun scent names!

We have taken our own approach to naming our most popular scents.  We wanted to pull in the knots and equipment that Chris uses as a mule packer so our scent names are as unique as we are.  Below is a chart to help you decide which scent you would like and a quick description of what the item is.
Smells Like Scent/Equipment Description of Equipment


Barrel Hitch Hitch used in packing

Linen & Amber

Basket Hitch Hitch used in packing
*Birthday Cake Bolin Type of knot

Balsam & Cedar Wood

Box Hitch Commonly used to tie loads down on the saddle

*Cinnamon Vanilla

Cinch Goes under the belly of the mule to hold the saddle on
Coconut Half Hitch Type of knot used to tie loads


Hobbles Used around mules front "ankles" so they don't move

Lemongrass Sage

Lash Rope The rope that is used to tie the loads down
Leather Latigo Leather strap that connects to cinch to tighten the saddle
Men's Cologne  Mannie Canvas used to cover loads
Lavender Vanilla Oxbow Type of stirrup
*Pumpkin Pie Panniers Leather bags that supplies are loaded in to and are secured on mules


Type of pack saddle
Citronella Berry


Bloodsucking flying insects!
Mulberry Spice Spur Metal objects worn over boots at the heal to assist in telling Mule what you are asking them to do.
Indian Sandalwood

Square Knot

Used for tying rope hobbles.
Apple Streusel Tapadero They cover the toe of the stirrup to protect your boots.

Other scents we have are Blissful Blackberry, Butterfly Hugs, Cinnamon Sugar, Coconut & Pineapple, Cucumber Melon, Dream Catcher, Fresh Mowed Grass, Lavender Sage, Leather & Lemongrass Sage, Leather & Pumpkin Pie, Lilac, Mayan Musk, Orange, Pineapple Paprika, Pipe Smoke, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Vanilla Sandalwood, and Welcome Home

* indicates a scent that pours cloudy.  We recommend no image or animal images for these scents.  The animal images look really neat as they appear they are in a morning mist or fog.  As the candle warms up, either by burning or placing in a window sill, the gel clears.  Once the candle cools off, the gel returns to the misty or foggy appearance.