Well, thanks to all the shipping problems happening right now, I cannot get our 8oz jars so they are out of stock for right now.

Long Burning Gel Candles

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NEW 16oz Jar!

Customizable Candle with metal insert

Have you always wanted to pick your scent AND color?

Our candles are completely custom!  Not only do you get to pick the scent and color, but you get to choose the metal image insert as well.  We refill our candles for 25% off and when you have us re-pour them, you can do the same thing or change everything!  Perfect for those that like to change their look from time to time!


Our Story

Our candle business began when we were looking for something we could build together and allow Marisa to work from home after our move to the Grand Canyon. After lots of discussion of what it was that we could make, we chose gel candles.

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