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Long Burning Gel Candles

Our gel candles are handmade while focusing on  safety and quality. We chose gel candles because they burn so much longer than other waxes so you get more for your money.  We currently offer three sizes, 8oz, 16oz and 32oz and one jar design at this time...the beloved mason jar!  Burns times are 60 hours, 200 hours and 400 hours!  We also love the way they look when they are burning, even under a candle lamp the glow emanates beautifully.   We enjoy a life from the Grand Canyon and mountains of Northern Arizona and wanted to bring a piece of our world to yours.

Grab a cup of coffee, or your favorite beverage,  relax and enjoy shopping!  

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Have you always wanted to pick your scent AND color?

Our candles are completely custom!  Not only do you get to pick the scent and color, but you get to choose the metal image insert as well.  We refill our candles for 25% off and when you have us re-pour them, you can do the same thing or change everything!  Perfect for those that like to change their look from time to time!