Candle Care & Recommended Items

Candle Care Tips:

Q:  How to fix your candle if it tips over and gel is not even?  (This pertains to candles that are not lit i.e. you are bringing it home after purchase and left it in the car or it was shipped to you and spent the day on your porch sideways etc.)

A:  Place the candle in a warm windowsill or place it on a cookie sheet and put in a 250-degree oven for about 15 min.

Q:  Why is there a "mushroom" top on the wick after I burn it?  

A:  This is due to the Zinc core wick.  Before re-lighting it, snip it off and discard if you don't want it in the gel.  If you don't mind it in the gel, when you light it, just use the lighter to knock the mushroom off and it will burn better.


Here are a couple of items we have found helpful with the candles.  These are affiliate links so we do make a small commission off of them but you do not pay for that!!

Candle Warming Lamp-Best scent throw and lights up the candles beautifully!

This is what it will look like:

Mug Warming Plate-more cost effective but not as much scent throw and doesn't light up the candle.


Hurrican Lamp Lantern-another option with a different look.

Electric Candle Warmer Lamp-Oil Bronze finish-yet another look.

Green Candle Lamp-this is a cute accessory that you can put on top of your candle for a different look.


Wick Trimmer-this one will help prevent the trimmings from falling into your candle.