Happy March-Getting ready for Spring?

Happy March-Getting ready for Spring?

Greetings from a much warmer Grand Canyon!  With the warmer weather, it has us thinking of Spring and Spring Scents.  We currently have a few spring scents such as Lemongrass Sage, Orange, Lilac, Linen & Amber (smells like clean sheets) and Butterfly Hugs (smells like Gardenia), and Cucumber Melon.  We are looking to add a couple more and have had a couple of requests like honeysuckle and lemon.  Do you have a favorite scent for the Spring?  If so, we would love to hear your ideas.  

We just started doing Facebook Lives on Wednesday nights where we talk about what is happening at the Canyon, tips, and tricks for our candles and then sell some candles from our inventory, "variety" pours, and offering an incentive to get some FREE candles too.  If you are on Facebook, we would love for you to come check us out and share with your friends that love candles too.  Our Facebook page is C&M Mulepacker Candles and you can go back and watch the couple of Lives we have already done.  Our first one was to introduce ourselves and what we do.  We also introduced our "team", aka the dogs; they did great :-)  We go Live every Wednesday at 7pm Arizona time...hope to see you there.

I mentioned we talk about what is happening up here at the Canyon during our "live" on Facebook.  For those of you that do not have, or don't have a desire to have social media, I'll fill you in here.  (Can't say I blame you, don't know I would participate as much as I do if it wasn't such a great tool to reach thousands of folks).  Anywho, the latest thing is the problems that the melting snow and rain have caused on the trails.  There have been three rock slides in the past month.  Two of them completely closed the trail, therefore shutting down Xanterra and the dude riders.  The last rock was the size of a VW Bug; yep, no getting a mule around that, not with a novice rider anyways.  A few guys went down, in addition to Chris, with a couple "trail crew" mules, (Chester & Jr. pictured) to pack in their supplies like generators, jackhammers, fuel cans, digging bars etc. It took a couple of days on the last rock (the VW) but they got the trail cleared and the dude rides are back up and running as of this week.  The nicer weather has also brought around more Elk which is always fun to see them and how beautiful they are...pictures to come in my next blog.

Please let us know about your spring scent requests and we'll be chattin with you soon!

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