Well, thanks to all the shipping problems happening right now, I cannot get our 8oz jars so they are out of stock for right now.

Holy Winter Storm for AZ

Howdy from the beautiful, snowy Grand Canyon!  Mother Nature delivered quite a punch to Arizona this week.  Whereas we got a lot of snow here at the Canyon, our friends to the South really got dumped on and that is not normal for them so we hope they all stay safe out there.  Chris spent his days at work plowing, plowing and plowing some more.  Lots of visitors still made the trip up here as this is the Grand Canyon's Centennial so there will be lots of happenings going on. If you go to nps.gov, you can see the schedule of events for the year.  This picture was taken when we got back home from Chris being interviewed for the Grand Canyon Historical Symposium.  Now I may be a bit bias but he did AMAZING.  Jill did such a great job of asking great questions and keeping it "calm" so My Love could talk about something he is so passionate about.  (If I can figure out how to upload my video so you guys can watch it, I sure will).  

We had our first Facebook Live where we offered some candles for sale and it was fun and educational.  We will be doing them every Wednesday at 7pm AZ time to if you have time, please tune in on our business page; C&M Mulepacker Candles.  Our next Live we will be showing a couple ideas of what to do with your candle once you have burned it up!  I will do a blog post after if you are unable to catch us or you are not Facebookers.  Until next time...Be Real, Be Fearless & Happy Trails!

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