Well, thanks to all the shipping problems happening right now, I cannot get our 8oz jars so they are out of stock for right now.

We are off and running!

Happy Valentines Day from us at C&M Mulepacker Candles!  We just did our first, of many, Facebook lives last night and survived!  We are soooo thankful to those of you that watched it, commented, liked-loved-laughed, and shared our video!  We have worked very hard this last year developing our product and now are ready to take it to the next level to get our candles out to more folks.  We are adding new images to our inventory all the time so please check back from time to time to see what we have new.  If you would like to get an email when we do have new images and scents, please join our email list and that is how we plan to inform folks of those additions.  This is a picture of our latest images...can't wait to pour them!  Until next time...Be Real, Be Fearless and Happy Trails.


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